How DogBox Boutique Works

It's simple. Start off by subscribing to our monthly dog subscription service DogBox Boutique for as little as only £25 per month.

Tell us a little bit about your best friend, roughly their size and we'll send your monthly boutique box of treats, toys & wonderfulness right to your door with our FREE UK delivery guarantee. For those that don't want a subscription service, no problem. All of our products can be purchased as a single one-off gift box.

Each month we'll send you a brand new DogBox subscription packed full of pawfect surprises. Whether it's a doggy chocolate egg at Easter, a cooling water toy in the summer months, or a turkey dinner treat at Xmas. We're always on the look out for new and exclusive products that you can't find in your local store, and can't wait to get them to you and your dog each month.

Mans best friend will now well and truly be your best friend forever.

Sit back and watch the DogBox party begin!


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