Frequently Asked Questions

(Q.) What is DogBox Boutique?

(A.) DogBox Boutique is a box of doggy joy delivered monthly from the dog-obsessed, directly to dogs and their owners. Each box is tailored to the season with quality treats, toys and surprises, ready to treat the best friend in your life.

(Q.) What comes inside a DogBox?

(A.) All our DogBox products are complete with a minimum of 3 toys, 2 treats, 1 homemade treat and 1 exclusive surprise item

- DogBox Toys: Every texture, every colour, every shape and squeak is there for one reason and one reason make your dog happy.

- DogBox Treats: All or products are carefully selected to maximise your dogs health and happiness. If your pup has any special dietary requirements or known allergies, please contact us and we'll do our very best to accommodate their needs. We never include inferior rawhide products into any of our DogBox's. 

(Q.) What size DogBox should I subscribe too?

(A.) We offer 3 sizes of DogBox for your best friend, Small (for dogs under 20 pounds), Medium (for dogs between 21-49 pounds) and Large (for big dogs over 50 pounds)

Should you feel that your dog may be somewhere between sizes, we'd always recommend sizing up. This is also important if your dog is a determined chewer and or has large jowls (i.e. Boxers, Bulldogs, Pitties etc).

(Q.) Are your toys safe? 

(A.) Rest assured we would never send anything to you in our monthly DogBox subscription that we wouldn't give to our beloved pups. All of our toys are of the highest quality materials and manufacture. We do of course always recommend supervised play though as all dogs have unique play styles. If the structure of a toy is ever compromised, then please do remove it from your pet and dispose of the item to minimise the risk of ingestion.

(Q.) What if my dog destroys their toys?

(A.) You're in good company, lots of dogs we know are destroyers too! When the fluff flies, we have to remind ourselves that they’re releasing energy and having some serious fun. We work hard to bring you quality & durable toys in your monthly DogBox, but if you do feel that the toy hasn't met with your dogs or your own satisfaction, then please do let us know.

(Q.) How much is a monthly DogBox subscription?

(A.) Our monthly subscription starts from as little as £25 per month for our Original DogBox.

(Q.) When do I pay for my monthly subscription?

(A.) Your subscription starts with your first order and you will be billed for your first DogBox once you complete the checkout process. You will then be billed automatically on the 7th day of each subsequent calendar month, or the closest date to this depending on bank holidays etc. Each monthly DogBox order will be dispatched and received shortly after this date. 

(Q.) Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

(A.) Absolutely! We're dog people, and nothing makes us happier than happy pooches. Our guarantee promises that if something in your DogBox isn't working out for your dog, for whatever reason, then please contact us. We measure our success in tail wags, so we'll do everything we can to make sure your pooch is as happy as can be.

(Q.) What should I get for my puppy?

(A.) DogBox treats & toys are great for dogs of all ages and sizes. You can change your subscription plan between small, medium and large at any time, just perfect for growing puppies. It's popular for new puppy subscribers to start smaller and make updates as they grow up. If you aren't sure what will work best based on the age and breed of your dog, why not contact us where we'd be happy to provide further support and guidance.

(Q.) What is your returns policy?

(A.) Given the nature of the products within our DogBox's we can't offer a refund policy unfortunately, however if for any reason you're not satisfied with any item we supply to you, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us where we'll be happy to remedy the issue for you.

(Q.) What is your delivery policy?

(A.) We deliver all orders FREE of charge to our UK customers. We ship your DogBox products via reputable delivery agents using our UK standard delivery service of 3-5 business days. Please note that DogBox Boutique currently only delivers to mainland UK addresses.

(Q.) Can I buy in bulk?

(A.) Sure, get in touch with us directly and we'll be more than happy to discuss your individual needs.

(Q.) Can I send a DogBox as a gift to someone else?

(A.) Absolutely, all our products can be purchased as a single item without the need for a monthly subscription.

(Q.) Does DogBox Boutique partner with any other companies or charities?

(A.) We’ve partnered with The Dogs Trust, where for each DogBox product sold, we donate £1 to support the work they do for our four legged friends in need. Find out more here.

(Q.) Can I change or update my subscription at any time?

(A.) Absolutely. You can update your subscription via the Manage My Subscription link on the home page. 

(Q.) What is your cancellation policy?

(A.) In the unlikely event that you'll want to cancel your DogBox Boutique subscription, this can be done after just one monthly instalment. To do so please use the Manage My Subscription page, or get in touch.


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