Keeping Your Dog Entertained While You Work

Since COVID, many of us work from home more than ever.

On the one hand, your dog will be delighted as you will no doubt be at home more, but on the other hand, your daily routine will have changed. This could mean that your pet is kept inside for longer periods than usual, or they are looking for attention while you are trying to work or Zoom!!!

We've put together some ideas on how to keep your pet entertained in between walkies:

  1. Toy Hunt – hide some treats and toys all around the house. Your dog can use their senses to sniff the rewards outs – playing this game can be the equivalent of a good walk as this challenges & stimulates them.
  1. Magic Cups – How clever is your pooch? Place 3 plastic cups upside down, with a treat hidden under one. Show the dog the treat, the hide the treat and move the cups around & see if your dog can find their reward. We LOVE this game J
  1. Frozen treats – freeze some treats in ice (using an empty ice cream container for example). Your doggy will have lots of fun licking and waiting for the ice to melt to reveal their treat. This will also have the added bonus of keeping them cool in the hot weather coming up.
  1. Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs and good quality chews can keep your dog busy for hours, as well as helping to maintain good dental hygiene.
  1. Training – this is the perfect time to spend time going over the key commands. Can your dog “sit”, “stay” “come” & “fetch”? We recommend clicker training and have found this easy for dogs to pick up.
  1. Naming things - A little more advanced! Naming toys and teddies and asking your dog to retrieve specific toys. We are still working on this one!
  1. Tidying up – Did you know it is also possible to train your dog to out their toys away, and this possibly could be easier than training your children to do the same!!!!! We have definitely not mastered this one but we will be giving this one a go.

And of course, we couldn’t mention all this and not mention our DogBoxes!

Each of our boxes has been carefully put together with a pawsome selection of toys and treats to delight your dog. The contents are tailored to the season, and thoroughly tried and tested – we offer a monthly subscription service and also one-off gift boxes perfect for Doggy Birthdays and gifts!


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